Links to other Deming Sites

  • The W. Edwards Deming Institute.The aim of the Institute is "to foster understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge™ to advance commerce, prosperity and peace". Provides information on the Institute’s activities and about Deming.
  • The Deming Cooperative web page has information about: 
    • Deming related conferences, seminars and workshops 
    • Books and Articles 
    • Videos and training manuals 
    • Contacts and consultants 
    • Deming Scholars MBA program at Fordham
  • Deming Electronic Network(DEN)
    The DEN is a comprehensive web site with a substantial repository of Deming information and is an on-line forum for discussion of ideas and issues relating to Deming's teachings. To "subscribe" (no fee), e-mail to the following address:
    The subscription process is automated, so the "Subject" should simply say: Subscribe then include your e-mail address in the body of the message. 
  • British Deming Association
    The BDA web site provides information on the Deming Philosophy as well as contact information for all of the UK regional groups.

  • The French Deming Association
    This is the (mostly in French) web site for AFED: Association Française Edwards Deming

    Links to Other Relevant Websites

    These are popular sites with Deming-related materials and information (OQPF offers these links as a service to our website visitors but takes no position as to the endorsement of any product or service): 

  • Alfie Kohn
    Links for Alfie's books, lectures, videos, and etc.
  • CC-M Productions
    Creators of The Deming Library and other videos. Offers videos on Deming,on Management as well as related books and other information.
  • John Hunter'sDeming site
    John maintains a pretty extensive listing of Deming related materials,links, sites, and etc. 
  • Kelly Allan Associates 
    A management consulting company. Senior Associate Kelly Allan is a Deming "activist." Website includes substantial information related to Deming's ideas.
    Madison Area Quality Improvement Network - home of the annual Hunter Conference.
  • SPC Press
    This is Don and Fran Wheeler's company site and a good source for books about Deming and statistics
  • WWS, Inc
    William S. Scherkenbach is the author of several books about improvement based on Deming principles. Bill has produced 2 CD-Roms - a 2CD set interactive learning tool titled "Best Efforts are not Enough" and one titled "Breakthrough Performance".


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